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What is J-STORE?

J-STORE (JST Science Technology Research Result Database for Enterprise Development) is a charge-free database to provide the general public, widely through the Internet, with the research results of universities and public research institutes that were collected by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), as well as with the research results of basic research, etc. of JST. The purpose is to technologically transfer research results to enterprises, and to encourage the industrialization of the research results. JST provides the under-mentioned information. When users utilize J-STORE, please observe the terms of J-STORE service.

Japanese patent information

In Japanese patent information provided, there are undisclosed patent information and patent information.

Undisclosed patent information

As for undisclosed patents of less than 1.5 years after patent application, information on undisclosed patents including ‘Title of Invention,’ ‘Abstract of Technology,’ etc. is provided. In addition to the undisclosed patents owned by JST, the undisclosed patent information (only small number) of universities, public research institutes, etc. are posted. The outlines of the patents (only minor portion of application contents) are disclosed, with the contents, about which JST and each information provider judged that the disclosure would not cause trouble.

Patent information

Patent information including ‘Registration Number,’ ‘Publication Number,’ ‘Application Number,’ ‘Title of Application,’ ‘Applicant,’ ‘Inventor,’ ‘Abstract of Invention,’ ‘Typical Diagram,’ ‘Abstracts of Conventional Technologies & Competitive Technologies,’ ‘Application Fields in Industries,’ etc. is provided. Information on the patents owned by JST, as well as the patent of nationwide universities, public research institutes, etc. is posted. The information on patent specifications can be browsed, too.

International patent information

The information on international patens such as WO International Disclosed Patents, EP Registration Patents, and US Registration Patents is provided. In addition to the foreign application patents of JST, the foreign application patents (minor number) of other institutes are posted, too.

Technological seeds information

Technological seeds information is provided after arranging research results with focus on ‘Researcher,’ ‘Research Institute,’ ‘Abstract of Technology,’ ‘Application and Utilization fields,’ ‘Competitive Technologies,’ ‘Patents Applied,’ ‘Reference Papers’, etc. This information is introduced as the technological information based on patents, judging from the viewpoint of researchers.

Research report information

The abstracts of research reports at the basic research department of JST are provided.

Technical eye

Among patent information, etc. posted in J-STORE, experts with discerning eye of patents arrange from the viewpoint of practical application and provide the technological information, which they especially recommend with confidence. The background, contents, and features of technologies are concisely arranged using diagrams, and PDF output is also possible. Users can utilize this function as reading materials related to novel technologies.


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