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Terms of Service of J-STORE

On the utilization of J-STORE

J-STORE is a seeds information database to support technology transfer activities managed by Japan Science and Technology Agency (hereinafter referred to as JST), in which the research results of universities and public research institutes in Japan as well as the results of basic researches, etc. of JST are disclosed through the Internet. In utilizing J-STORE, users are requested to understand the contents of the undermentioned terms and observe them. In addition, when users utilize J-STORE, they are assumed to have agreed the contents of these terms. By the way, these terms may be revised depending on the necessity without advance notice.


The copyrights of each piece of information disclosed in J-STORE are owned by each information provider including JST. In addition, the editing copyrights on the layout and design of whole J-STORE as well as the copyrights of the system related to J-STORE is owned by JST and the bodies designated by JST. The information disclosed in J-STORE can be utilized within the scope recognized in the copyright law, such as private use or citation. However, in the cases of reprint, duplication, public transmission, translation, commercial use, and preparation of secondary information (such as database construction), the prior consent of a copyright owner is required.

Users’ compliance rules

In utilizing J-STORE, users must observe the following items.
  • Do not commit the act to violate public order and morals, or laws.
  • Do not commit the act to infringe the copyrights or other rights of others.
  • Do not commit the act to give nuisance or disadvantages to others by utilizing information posted on J-STORE.
  • Do not gain illegal access to this system.
  • Do not make a large amount of retrieval or download that affects system operation capacity by exceeding the scope required for browsing (regardless of through mechanical or manual operation).
  • Do not commit the act that might give trouble to the operation of J-STORE.
When JST has judged that a user has committed the act to violate these terms or the act to violate copyright or other rights, or that a user might do such act, JST shall have the right to do appropriate action including the suspension of the utilization in order to prevent such act.


Although JST pays sufficient attention to the accuracy of posted information, JST cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. JST shall not be liable for any damage, loss or cost incurred by users due to or in relation to the access to J-STORE.


The link to J-STORE can be made freely in principle, but prior contact with “Inquiry Site” is necessary. The site, which JST or each copyright owner has judged as an inappropriate site, such as a commercial site or the site that has the possibility to infringe copyrights, is possibly rejected from linking.
Since the information disclosed in J-STORE is basically seeds information, it may be deleted due to the realization of matching with needs or the invalidation of the patent. Since any information on the disability of linking due to the deletion will not be informed, please understand this in advance.