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Ionization device and ionization analysis device

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Posted date 2014年10月30日
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Title Ionization device and ionization analysis device
Abstract A sampling nozzle (21) is connected to one end, an ion supplying tube (31) continuing to an analysis device (50) is connected to another end and a barrier discharge tube (11) is connected to still another end of a T-shaped tube (41) which has three connecting ports, and an ionization chamber (SP) is positioned in the center of the T-shaped tube (41). The ionization chamber (SP) defines a closed space, and the ions generated herein are introduced into the analysis device (50) via the ion supplying tube (31). Thus, almost all the ions are introduced into the inside of the analysis device.
(From EP2535921 A1)
Outline of related art and contending technology BACKGROUND ART
Barrier discharge ionization analysis using an example of a method and apparatus described in the following publications.
Na Na, Chao Zhang, Mengxia Zhao, Sichun Zhang, Chengdui Yang, Xiang Fang and Xinrong Zhang,""Direct detection of explosives on solid surfaces by mass spectrometry with an ambient ion source based on dielectric barrier discharge, J. Mass Spectrom. 2007;42: 1079-1085
Na Na, Mengxia Zhao, Sichun Zhang, Chengdui Yang, and Xinrong Zhang,"Development of a Dielectric Barrier Discharge Ion Source for Ambient Mass Spectrometry", J Am Soc Mass Spectrom. 2007, 18, 1859-1862
These are described in the literature that an ionization analysis method and apparatus, and a plate electrode, plate electrode disposed on the surface of a glass plate, a glass plate (plate electrode) on a surface of a substantially vertically spaced apart from the glass plate provided with an electrode needle, a needle plate electrode and applying a high voltage alternating current between the electrodes, barrier discharge will result. The analyte in the sample that is placed on a glass plate, barrier discharge is generated by the exposed to the plasma torch. Is from the sample by atom, molecule is removed and ionized therein. The generated ions are introduced into a mass spectrometer, and analyzed.
The method described in the literature can be released to the atmosphere of ionized in the ionization of the sample space is performed. Thus, most of the generated ions are emitted into the atmosphere and discarded, and only a part of the mass analysis apparatus to be introduced, at the expense of the sensitivity thereof.
Scope of claims [claim1]
1. Barrier discharge tube portion, the sample introduction tube and, ion supply tube and, forming a closed and an ionization chamber and ion a flower room wall, wherein said barrier discharge tube portion has a portion formed of a dielectric material, the outer peripheral surface side of the dielectric portions respectively disposed within the inner electrode and outer electrode and having, outside said sample introduction tube portion has one end portion thereof connected to a sample introduction port, wherein said barrier discharge tube portion and a tubular front end portion of the tubular sample introduction from one end thereof toward an ion supply space surrounded by said ion on the japanese-style wall cut off from the outside by the ionization chamber is formed, wherein said barrier discharge tube ionization chamber being connected to the front end portion, wherein the ion supply tube portion has at the other end thereof connected to the analyzer and an ion supply port, the ionization device.

2. Method according to claim 1, wherein the ionization chamber is maintained at a reduced pressure state which is smaller than the outside, the ionization device.

3. Method according to claim 2, wherein the opening cross section area of the tubular sample introduction to the tubular section of the aperture and the ion supplying is smaller than the area, the ionization device.

4. Method according to any one of claims 1-3, connection port 3 of the two ion japanese-style wall, each connection port of the front end portion of said barrier discharge tube, the other end of the tubular sample introduction, wherein the ion source are connected to one end of which tubular, the ionization device.

5. Method according to claim 4, wherein said ions are shaped pipe chain T japanese-style wall, the ionization device.

6. Method according to any one of claims 1-3, wherein said ions are electrically insulated from the pipe wall of japanese-style room and the ion source, a DC voltage is applied between them, the ionization device.

7. Method according to any one of claims 1-3, wherein the sample introduction pipe has a conductive portion of the system, the operating portion of the conductive inner electrode inside the barrier discharge tube portion to be inserted thereinto, the ionization device.

8. Method according to claim 7, wherein said barrier discharge tube portion and connected to said ion supply tube and, said ion supply pipe a flower room wall also serves as the ions, the ionization device.

9. 1 the method according to any one of the first 3 an ionization device according to the analysis apparatus is provided, an ionization analysis apparatus.

10. Method according to claim 9, said analyzing unit is connected to the ion supply port having an ink chamber under reduced pressure, the outside air within the chamber is maintained at a reduced pressure state than, lower than said pressure chamber is maintained at a pressure within the chamber which, an ionization analysis apparatus.

11. Method according to claim 10, wherein the decompressing step sequentially analysis apparatus of at least 2 and that a decompression chamber, an ionization analysis apparatus.
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