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Method of using spin injection device

外国特許コード F110003348
整理番号 A241-08US1
掲載日 2011年6月23日
出願国 アメリカ合衆国
出願番号 32067709
公報番号 20090180308
公報番号 07989223
出願日 平成21年2月2日(2009.2.2)
公報発行日 平成21年7月16日(2009.7.16)
公報発行日 平成23年8月2日(2011.8.2)
国際出願番号 PCT/JP2003/015888
国際出願日 平成15年12月11日(2003.12.11)
  • 特願2002-363127 (2002.12.13) JP
  • 特願2002-378502 (2002.12.26) JP
  • 特願2003-271628 (2003.7.7) JP
  • 特願2003-410966 (2003.12.9) JP
発明の名称 (英語) Method of using spin injection device
発明の概要(英語) A spin injection device capable of spin injection magnetization reversal at low current density, a magnetic apparatus using the same, and magnetic thin film using the same, whereby the spin injection device (14) including a spin injection part (1) comprising a spin polarization part (9) including a ferromagnetic fixed layer (26) and an injection junction part (7) of nonmagnetic layer, and a ferromagnetic free layer (27) provided in contact with the spin injection part (1) is such that in which the nonmagnetic layer (7) is made of either an insulator (12) or a conductor (25), a nonmagnetic layer (28) is provided on the surface of the ferromagnetic free layer (27), electric current is flown in the direction perpendicular to the film surface of the spin injection device (14), and the magnetization of the ferromagnetic free layer (27) is reversed. This is applicable to such various magnetic apparatuses and magnetic memory devices as super gigabit large capacity, high speed, non-volatile MRAM and the like.
  • 発明者/出願人(英語)
  • Inomata, Kouichiro; Sendai [JP]
  • Tezuka, Nobuki; Sendai [JP]
  • Japan Science and Technology Agency, Kawaguchi-shi [JP]
  • 438/3
  • 257/295
  • 257/495
  • 257/E21.665
  • 360/324.12
  • 360/324.2
  • 365/158
参考情報 (研究プロジェクト等) CREST Creation of Nanodevices and System Based on New Physical Phenomena and Functional Principles AREA