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Polymer-supported metal cluster composition 実績あり

外国特許コード F110003805
整理番号 E07603WO
掲載日 2011年7月5日
出願国 アメリカ合衆国
出願番号 59020605
公報番号 20080058200
公報番号 08110519
出願日 平成18年8月22日(2006.8.22)
公報発行日 平成20年3月6日(2008.3.6)
公報発行日 平成24年2月7日(2012.2.7)
国際出願番号 PCT/JP2005/003848
国際公開番号 WO2005/085307
国際出願日 平成17年3月7日(2005.3.7)
国際公開日 平成17年9月15日(2005.9.15)
  • 特願2004-064520 (2004.3.8) JP
発明の名称 (英語) Polymer-supported metal cluster composition 実績あり
発明の概要(英語) The objective is to present compositions obtained by supporting by polymers micro clusters of transition metals and the like that are useful as catalysts in various reactions and, once used, are readily recovered and reused.A polymer-supported metal cluster composition is obtained by supporting a transition metal by a cross-linked polymer, and the polymer-supported cluster composition is characterized by the cross-linked polymer obtained by cross-linking of a cross-linkable polymer containing a hydrophilic side chain and a hydrophobic side chain group having a cross-linkable functional group. This polymer-supported metal cluster composition is, for example, preferably formed by first forming a micelle composed of the metal clusters supported by the cross-linkable polymer in a suitable solution and subsequently subjecting the cross-linkable polymer to a cross-linking reaction. The composition is useful as a catalyst and the like in hydrogenation reactions, dehydrogenation reactions, allylic substitution reactions, oxidation reactions, coupling reactions and carbonylation reactions.
  • 発明者/出願人(英語)
  • Kobayashi, Shu; Tokyo [JP]
  • Okamoto, Kuniaki; Tokorozawa [JP]
  • Akiyama, Ryo; Tokyo [JP]
  • Ohno, Keiji; Sakado [JP]
  • Inagaki, Yoshio; Isehara [JP]
  • Japan Science & Technology Agency, Saitama [JP]
  • Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd., Osaka [JP]
  • Fuji Photo Film Company, Ltd., Kanagawa [JP]
  • Kobayashi, Shu, Tokyo [JP]
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参考情報 (研究プロジェクト等) ERATO KOBAYASHI Highly Functionalized Reaction Environments AREA