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Optical semiconductor element

外国特許コード F110003845
整理番号 K00311US
掲載日 2011年7月6日
出願国 アメリカ合衆国
出願番号 03202598
公報番号 06057561
出願日 平成10年2月27日(1998.2.27)
公報発行日 平成12年5月2日(2000.5.2)
  • 特願平09-068978 (1997.3.7) JP
  • 特願平09-072003 (1997.3.25) JP
発明の名称 (英語) Optical semiconductor element
発明の概要(英語) A ZnO thin film is fabricated on the c-surface of a sapphire substrate through use of a laser molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) method-which is effective for epitaxial growth of an oxide thin film through control at an atomic level. The thus-formed ZnO thin film has a considerably high crystallinity; the half width of an X-ray rocking curve was 0.06 (degree) . The thin film is of an n-type and has a carrier density of 4 * 1017 /cm3. The thin film fabricated in a state in which oxygen partial pressure is held constant at 10-6 Torr has a structure in which hexagon-shaped nanocrystals of uniform size are close-packed, reflecting the crystal behavior of a wurtzite type. Since in each nanocrystal there is observed a spiral structure formed by steps of a unit cell height (0.5 nm), the nanocrystals are considered to grow in a thermodynamically equilibrated state. The lateral size of the nanocrystal can be controlled within the range of approximately 50 to 250 nm. A II-oxide optical semiconductor element utilizes a zinc oxide thin film containing magnesium or cadmium in a solid-solution state. Through addition of magnesium or cadmium, the band gap of zinc oxide can be controlled within the range of 3 to 4 eV.
  • 発明者/出願人(英語)
  • Kawasaki, Masashi; Yokohama [JP]
  • Koinuma, Hideomi; Tokyo [JP]
  • Ohtomo, Akira; Yamato [JP]
  • Segawa, Yusaburo; Tokyo [JP]
  • Yasuda, Takashi; Sendai [JP]
  • Japan Science and Technology Corporation, [JP]
  • 257/94
参考情報 (研究プロジェクト等) PRESTO Light and Material AREA