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Method of polymerizing a silalkylenesiloxane

Foreign code F040000401
File No. A051-39US
Posted date Apr 25, 2005
Country United States of America
Application number 86887701
Gazette No. 6492480
Date of filing Jun 20, 2001
Gazette Date Dec 10, 2002
International application number PCT/JP2000/007531
International publication number WO 2001/030887
Date of international filing Oct 27, 2000
Date of international publication May 3, 2001
Priority data
  • P1999-306522 (Oct 28, 1999) JP
Title Method of polymerizing a silalkylenesiloxane
Abstract Disclosed is a method for the preparation of a linear polysilalkylenesiloxane from four- to seven-membered cyclic silalkylenesiloxane by subjecting the cyclic silalkylenesiloxane to ring opening polymerization by using as a catalyst a polynuclear ruthenium-carbonyl complex in which carbonyl groups are coordinated with three or four ruthenium atoms, in the presence of a silane compound having at least one Si--H bond.
  • Inventor, and Inventor/Applicant
  • Nagashima; Hideo
  • Matsubara; Kouki
  • Terasawa; Junichi
  • Japan Science and Technology Corporation
IPC(International Patent Classification)
Reference ( R and D project ) CREST Single Molecule and Atom Level Reactions AREA
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