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Two-arm sagnac interferometer with two beam splitters

Foreign code F040000418
File No. K00718US
Posted date Feb 22, 2005
Country United States of America
Application number 89042401
Gazette No. 6552799
Date of filing Jul 31, 2001
Gazette Date Apr 22, 2003
International application number PCT/JP2000/004032
International publication number WO 2001/061322
Date of international filing Jun 21, 2000
Date of international publication Aug 23, 2001
Priority data
  • P2000-038982 (Feb 17, 2000) JP
Title Two-arm sagnac interferometer with two beam splitters
Abstract The invention provides an apparatus for measuring the physical properties of a sample by optically monitoring the response of the sample to illumination by ultrashort optical pulses. The apparatus is a common path optical interferometer of a Sagnac type that can measure physical properties at normal incidence. The interferometer is a two-arm Sagnac interferometer featuring two beam splitters. Measurement is performed in such a manner that a sample is excited by a beam of ultrashort optical pulses, and variations in intensity and phase of another optical beam are detected. This enables a wide range of measurement of physical properties such as thickness, sound velocity, and thermal properties of substances.
  • Inventor, and Inventor/Applicant
  • Oliver B. Wright
  • David H. Hurley
  • Osamu Matsuda
  • Japan Science and Technology Corporation
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