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Method and apparatus for growing high quality single crystal achieved

Foreign code F110004973
File No. Y0002KR
Posted date Jul 28, 2011
Country Republic of Korea
Application number 20017014906
Gazette No. 20020012229
Gazette No. 100492808
Date of filing Nov 22, 2001
Gazette Date Feb 15, 2002
Gazette Date Jun 3, 2005
International application number JP2000003264
International publication number WO2000071786
Date of international filing Nov 22, 2001
Date of international publication Nov 30, 2000
Title Method and apparatus for growing high quality single crystal achieved
Abstract A method for growing a single crystal which comprises contacting a seed crystal (4) to a raw material melt (2) in a crucible (1), characterized in that a blade (5) or a baffle plate is provided in the raw material (2) melt in the crucible (1) and the growing of a single crystal is performed by pulling up the seed crystal with rotating the crucible (1).
The method can be used for growing various single crystals including CLBO from a highly viscous melt of a raw material (2) as a high quality and high performance crystal.
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Scope of claims [claim1]

1 . ​In a method for heating and melting the raw material solution is brought into contact with the seed crystal for single crystal and in solution or in the raw material liquid to the blade body baffle plate is arranged, the body of high-quality single crystal growth method and growth if the body of the blades to rotate the baffle plate without rotating body to me.

2 . ​The method of claim 1 to thereby increase gradually, and the seed crystal is brought into contact with the raw material solution

3 . ​How to develop methods of claim 1 to contact the seed crystal under the liquid raw material solution by slow cooling of a single crystal surface species of folding up.

4 . ​In the rotation, and the seed crystal in claims 1 to 3 of one of these methods.

5 . ​To develop an oxide single crystal of claim 4 1 to either way.

6 . ​Method of finding prime) is a single crystal of the laser system oxide single crystal oxide.

7 . ​The C borate oxides, which i s L B ,. Or at least I 's C L and at least one of the power of money of Al and Al elements of the other metal elements in the earth is a kind of partial substitution of oxide and method of claim 6.

8 . ​Method of claim 7, which is an oxide and a A one force "dope to at least a G elements.

9 . ​Since the rate system G D x Y force of a, C O B O o of X (1) is represented by the method of claim 6 is grown by the Czochralski method.

1 0 . ​(5) of the withdrawing activity or force L oxide single crystal N B I I a O L T O oxide material guiding plate |¾; ¾≤ oxide thermoelectric materials.

1 1 . ​"Within the device for heating and melting the raw material solution on the growth of single crystal to make contact with the contact of the seed crystal in the raw material solution is arranged in the baffle plate or the blade body, and the body of high quality single crystal growing apparatus is characterized in that: and is provided with a rotating body to rotate.

1 2 . ​A developing apparatus 1 and 1 are in contact with the raw material solution with seed crystal is provided with a lifting mechanism is gradually pulled up.

1 3 . ​Another example was provided to the cooling mechanism below the liquid level of the raw material solution to contact the seed crystal growing apparatus.

1 4 . ​Claim which is provided with a mechanism to rotate to form the seed that one, that one of the developing device.

1 5 . ​One aspect of the 1, 4 or more in an oxide single crystal growing apparatus.

1 6 . ​Request for the cultivation of borate) oxide single crystal

1 5 ​Development of the device.
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