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Combinatorial X-ray diffractor

Foreign code F110005068
File No. A051-27US
Posted date Aug 18, 2011
Country United States of America
Application number 74430401
Gazette No. 06459763
Date of filing Mar 26, 2001
Gazette Date Oct 1, 2002
International application number PCT/JP00/03258
International publication number WO00/73773
Date of international filing May 22, 2000
Date of international publication Dec 7, 2000
Priority data
  • P1999-149213 (May 28, 1999) JP
Title Combinatorial X-ray diffractor
Abstract A combinatorial X-ray diffractor, particularly a combinatorial X-ray diffractor which can measure one row of samples among a plurality of samples arranged into a matrix simultaneously by X-ray diffraction. For the purpose of high throughput screening, a plurality of samples (10) are arranged into a row X1, a row X2, a row X3, and a row X4 on a sample stage and samples in each row are measured simultaneously by X-ray diffraction, measured data are processed by an information processor (20), information data useful for the evaluation of thin film material are automatically extracted and arranged and the extracted and arranged information data are displayed on a display apparatus (27).
  • Inventor, and Inventor/Applicant
  • Koinuma, Hideomi; Tokyo [JP]
  • Kawasaki, Masashi; Sagamihara [JP]
  • Omote, Kazuhiko; Akiruno [JP]
  • Kikuchi, Tetsuo; Tachikawa [JP]
  • Japan Science and Technology Corporation, [JP]
  • Rigaku Corporation, [JP]
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Reference ( R and D project ) CREST Single Molecule and Atom Level Reactions AREA
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