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High-strength high-toughness amorphous zirconium alloy

Foreign code F110005289
File No. E05103US
Posted date Aug 29, 2011
Country United States of America
Application number 58261100
Gazette No. 06521058
Date of filing Jun 29, 2000
Gazette Date Feb 18, 2003
International application number PCT/JP99/05872
International publication number WO00/26425
Date of international filing Oct 25, 1999
Date of international publication May 11, 2000
Priority data
  • P1998-310108 (Oct 30, 1998) JP
Title High-strength high-toughness amorphous zirconium alloy
Abstract An amorphous Zr alloy has a composition expressed as Zr--Ala --Nib --Cuc --Md. M is one or more elements selected from Ti, Nb and Pd. The a, b, c, and d are amounts in atomic %, and satisfy the following formulas. 5 <= a <= 0; 30 <= b+c <= 50; b/c <= 1/3; and 0&lt;d <= 7. The remainder are Zr and inevitable impurities. The alloy contains a non-crystalline phase of 90% or higher by volume. Also, the amorphous alloy indicates an excellent glass-forming ability with a supercooled liquid range over 100 (degree) C. (indicated by a difference between the crystallization temperature and the glass transition temperature) and which has a thickness of 1 mm or thicker. Further, it has excellent strength and toughness indicated by the following mechanical characteristics: tensile strength of 1800 MPa or higher; flexural strength of 2500 MPa or higher; Charpy impact value of 100 kJ/m2 or higher; and fracture toughness value of 50 MPa*m1/2 or higher.
  • Inventor, and Inventor/Applicant
  • Inoue, Akihisa; Sendai [JP]
  • Zhang, Tao; Sendai [JP]
  • Japan Science and Technology Corporation, Kawaguchi [JP]
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Reference ( R and D project ) ERATO INOUE Superliquid Class AREA
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