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Ferromagnetic double quantum well tunnel magneto-resistance device

Foreign code F110005337
File No. K00713US
Posted date Aug 31, 2011
Country United States of America
Application number 76280401
Gazette No. 06456523
Date of filing Feb 13, 2001
Gazette Date Sep 24, 2002
International application number PCT/JP00/01476
International publication number WO01/04970
Date of international filing Mar 10, 2000
Date of international publication Jan 18, 2001
Priority data
  • P1999-196724 (Jul 9, 1999) JP
  • P2000-022691 (Jan 31, 2000) JP
Title Ferromagnetic double quantum well tunnel magneto-resistance device
Abstract A ferromagnetic double quantum well tunneling magnetoresistance device is disclosed that utilizes a two-dimensional electron (positive hole) system to obtain an infinitely great magnetoresistance ratio. Also disclosed are a sensitive magnetic sensor and a nonvolatile storage device derived from that device. In structural terms of the device, a first and a second quantum well layer of ferromagnetic material (4, 8) in each of which the quantum confinement for carriers is established in a two-dimensional electron (positive hole) state are each sandwiched between a pair of barrier layers of nonmagnetic material (2, 6, 10) through which the carriers can tunnel. The first and second quantum well layers (4, 8) have a difference in coercive force so that when an external magnetic field is applied thereto only one of them may be reversed in the direction of magnetization. As a result, if magnetizations of the two quantum wells are parallel to each other, tunneling is allowed to occur, and if they are antiparallel to each other, tunneling is inhibited. A infinitely great tunneling magnetoresistance ratio is thereby obtained.
  • Inventor, and Inventor/Applicant
  • Tanaka, Masaaki; Saitama-ken [JP]
  • Hayashi, Toshiaki; Tokyo [JP]
  • Japan Science and Technology Corporation, Kawaguchi [JP]
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