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Hollow nanoparticle of NBsAg large protein for drug delivery 実績あり

外国特許コード F110005560
整理番号 P023P03US
掲載日 2011年9月8日
出願国 アメリカ合衆国
出願番号 50924903
公報番号 20060088536
公報番号 07951379
出願日 平成16年9月28日(2004.9.28)
公報発行日 平成18年4月27日(2006.4.27)
公報発行日 平成23年5月31日(2011.5.31)
国際出願番号 PCT/JP03/03694
国際公開番号 WO03/082330
国際出願日 平成15年3月26日(2003.3.26)
国際公開日 平成15年10月9日(2003.10.9)
  • 特願2002-097424 (2002.3.29) JP
  • 特願2003-045088 (2003.2.21) JP
発明の名称 (英語) Hollow nanoparticle of NBsAg large protein for drug delivery 実績あり
発明の概要(英語) The invention provides a therapeutic drug that uses hollow protein nanoparticles displaying an antibody against a specific cell or specific tissue. The effectiveness of the drug has been proved by animal testing. The invention also provides a therapeutic method using such a drug. In a drug according to the present invention, a substance to be transferred into a cell for treating a disease (for example, a cancer treating gene such as a thymidine kinase gene derived from simple herpes virus) is encapsulated in hollow nanoparticles of a particle-forming protein (for example, hepatitis B virus surface-antigen protein that has been modified to lack its infectivity to hepatocytes and display an antibody). The particle surface of the drug displays an antibody, such as a cancer specific antibody, that recognizes an antigen molecule displayed on the surface of a specific cancer cell.
  • 発明者/出願人(英語)
  • Kuroda, Shunichi; Suita [JP]
  • Tanizawa, Katsuyuki; Osaka [JP]
  • Okajima, Toshihide; Ikeda [JP]
  • Kondo, Akihiko; Kobe [JP]
  • Ueda, Masakazu; Tokyo [JP]
  • Seno, Masaharu; Kadotabunkamachi Okayama [JP]
  • Japan Science and Technology Agency, Kawaguchi-shi [JP]
  • Beacle, Inc., Okayama [JP]
  • 424/194.1
  • 424/189.1
  • 530/350