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Monoclonal antibody to CD166 and method for production thereof

Foreign code F110005622
File No. RX03P53WO
Posted date Sep 9, 2011
Country United States of America
Application number 08567406
Gazette No. 20090269787
Gazette No. 8003762
Date of filing Nov 28, 2006
Gazette Date Oct 29, 2009
Gazette Date Aug 23, 2011
International application number JP2006323662
International publication number WO2007063825
Date of international filing Nov 28, 2006
Date of international publication Jun 7, 2007
Priority data
  • P2005-344779 (Nov 29, 2005) JP
  • 2006WO-JP323662 (Nov 28, 2006) WO
Title Monoclonal antibody to CD166 and method for production thereof
Abstract (US8003762)
CD166 is a cell adhesion molecule belonging to an immunoglobulin superfamily that is expressed in an excessive amount on the tumor surface.
If an monoclonal antibody specifically binding to the CD166 is obtained, it becomes possible to suppress growth of tumor cells, detect the cells, and supply a therapeutic drug thereto specifically.
However, because the CD166 proteins are very similar to each other among mammals, it was not possible to obtain an antibody to human CD166, by immunizing, for example, mice with the human CD166.
The antibody was prepared by immunizing mice with a purified avian CD166 protein.
The antibody was found to be adsorbed on human and mouse CD166 proteins in vitro as well as in vivo and to have an action to suppress tumor growth in mice.
Scope of claims [claim1]
1. A monoclonal antibody, which specifically binds to the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO: 1 of cell adhesion molecule CD166/ALCAM.
2. The monoclonal antibody according to claim 1, wherein the subclass of the monoclonal antibody is immunoglobulin G.
3. A hybridoma, which produces the monoclonal antibody of claim 1.
4. A method of producing a monoclonal antibody, comprising purifying antibodies obtained from a mouse immunized with the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO: 1 to obtain a monoclonal antibody.
5. A method of measuring the level of CD166 in a sample, comprising contacting the monoclonal antibody according to claim 1 with the sample to thereby measure the level of CD166.
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