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ENGINE meetings

Foreign code F120006278
File No. SHINGI20111220
Posted date Mar 1, 2012
Country WIPO
International application number 2011JP057486
International publication number WO 2011/155248
Date of international filing Mar 27, 2011
Date of international publication Dec 15, 2011
Priority data
  • P2010-133028 (Jun 10, 2010) JP
Title ENGINE meetings
Abstract Provided is an engine which can compress intake air by means of a simple structure without using a compressor or a turbine etc. and therefore has a decreased overall size and weight with respect to a conventional jet engine. An engine (10) comprises: a combustion chamber (28) for burning a fuel-air mixture formed by mixing a fuel with outside air; and an outside air introduction part (29) for introducing outside air into the combustion chamber (28). The outside air introduction part (29) comprises: an intake main port (37) for introducing outside air into the combustion chamber (28) from the direction parallel to the central axis (L) of the combustion chamber (28); and a plurality of intake sub-ports (38) for introducing outside air into the combustion chamber (28) from the direction perpendicular to the central axis (L). The intake sub-ports (38) comprise ejection openings (47) capable of ejecting outside air toward a collision point (P) inside the combustion chamber (28). Streams of outside air ejected from the ejection openings (47) of the intake sub-ports (38) mutually collide at the collision point (P) and are thereby compressed.
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  • ※All designated countries except for US in the data before July 2012
  • Inventor
  • NAITOH, Ken
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