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Foreign code F180009467
File No. (S2017-0125-N0)
Posted date Jul 31, 2018
Country WIPO
International application number 2017JP042029
International publication number WO 2018097185
Date of international filing Nov 22, 2017
Date of international publication May 31, 2018
Priority data
  • P2016-228164 (Nov 24, 2016) JP
Abstract This cancer treatment apparatus is provided with a magnetic field generator that generates a 100-300 kHz magnetic field to be applied to affected tissue.
Scope of claims [claim1]
1. 300kHz 100kHz Is applied to the diseased tissue from a magnetic field generator comprises a generator of the treatment of cancer or device.
2. Wherein the current to be supplied to the magnetic field generator and a control module for controlling, based on the output of said control module supplies an alternating current magnetic field generator further comprises a power supply, said control module, wherein the cancer is a cancer that accepts an input of one of the diseased tissue and a paper type input unit, the frequency corresponding to the type of cancer is stored in the storage unit and, wherein the storage unit by referring to the input to the input unit FZDlO xenoderoma frequency corresponding to the one power source to a controller for setting, as described in claim 1 cancer treatment device.
3. Wherein the storage unit, corresponding to the application time of the cancer type further stored in the memory, wherein the controller, the storage unit by referring to the input to one input unit FZDlO xenoderoma corresponding to output information to the power source and the application time of, claim 2 xenoderoma said treatment device.
4. Wherein the magnetic field generator to the alternating-current power from the power source and starts the supply of the power supply further comprising a switch, as set forth in claim 2 or 3 cancer treatment device.
5. Said control module, wherein the temperature of the diseased tissue cancer cell killing temperature controlled to be less than, to any of the claims from the claim 2 claim 4 xenoderoma one treatment device.
6. Wherein the input unit is one of cancer, glioblastoma and breast cancer and malignant melanoma and malignant mesothelioma and tongue pancreatic cancer and lung epithelial adenocarcinoma human bottom one from the group consisting of one selected from the claim 2 FZDlO input to any one of claims claim 5 xenoderoma said treatment device.
7. Wherein the diseased tissue is diseased tissue of a human, to any of the claims from claim 1 claim 6 xenoderoma one treatment device.
8. Wherein said application time is stored in the storage unit, one or more 30 value in the range of 180 or less is composed, as described in claim 3 cancer treatment device.
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  • ISHIKAWA, Yoshihiro
  • UMEMURA, Masanari
  • AKIMOTO, Taisuke
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