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Probe type device for removing living body tissue NEW

外国特許コード F180009663
整理番号 1710
掲載日 2018年11月21日
出願国 世界知的所有権機関(WIPO)
国際出願番号 2008JP054025
国際公開番号 WO2008108425
国際出願日 平成20年9月12日(2008.9.12)
国際公開日 平成20年9月12日(2008.9.12)
  • 特願2007-055868 (2007.3.6) JP
発明の名称 (英語) Probe type device for removing living body tissue NEW
発明の概要(英語) In a probe-type device for removing a body tissue, both of the reduction in the probe diameter and the improvement in the removal efficiency can be established and, furthermore, the cost and maintenance properties are also improved owing to a simplified structure. A probe-type device for removing a body tissue via suction having a probe unit comprising a probe, which is in the shape of a narrow tube and has an opening for sucking the body tissue thereinto, and a cutter, which is provided within the above-described probe and by which the body tissue having been sucked from the opening of the above-described probe into the probe is cut into small pieces; wherein a sucking power supplier for supplying a sucking power to the above-described probe unit and a cutting energy supplier for supplying a power or energy for driving the function of the above-described cutter are connected to the above-described probe unit, and the above-described probe is inserted into the body tissue which is then sucked via the above-described opening and cut with the above-described cutter, characterized in that the above-described probe has a plurality of openings.
  • 出願人(英語)
  • ※2012年7月以前掲載分については米国以外のすべての指定国
  • Kyoto University
  • 発明者(英語)
  • HANGAI, Masanori
  • YOSHIMURA, Nagahisa
  • NAKAHARA, Masaaki
  • MIYATA, Kazunori
  • EGUCHI, Tetsuya
  • OSAKABE, Yasuhiro