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  • 特願2017-083177 (2017.4.19) JP
発明の概要(英語) Provided is a biological information estimation device comprising: a transmission unit 12 and a transmission antenna 13 for emitting radio waves to the heart; a receiving antenna 14 and a receiving unit 15 for receiving either the radio waves which have passed through the heart or the radio waves which have been reflected by the heart; and an estimation unit 11 for estimating the volume of blood contained in the heart and the degree of change in said volume, on the basis of the amplitude or phase of the radio waves received by the receiving unit 15 and the specific absorbed fractions for the heart.
従来技術、競合技術の概要(英語) BACKGROUND ART
Conventional, the diagnosis of heart, prognosis or therapeutic effect in order to confirm the dosing effect, the stroke volume and cardiac output has been measured.As a specific measurement method, Fick method, dye dilution method, which is typically a thermal dilution swan-ganz catheter such as invasive blood and the like.The method of measuring the non-invasive blood, and the four electrode method according to the ultrasonic echoes kyubicheku diagnosis has been proposed.However, these can be measured, the measured person must be restricted, a sufficient accuracy is not a problem and the like, is not used at present.
On the other hand, the inventors of the present invention, the microwave is transmitted through the heart, contraction of the heart, expansion of the amplitude and the phase change in response to the movement found, based on the discovery that such, the microwave transmitted through the heart rate can be obtained by analyzing the heart rate detection apparatus (see Patent Document 1) proposed.In addition, the inventors of the present invention, the non-contact and non-constraint of the object to be measured in the core volume and cardiac output can be detected time-series change of the cardiac volume and cardiac output estimation apparatus (see Patent Document 2) proposed.
In Patent Document 2, when the estimated volume of the heart, the heart is on the assumption that the spherical shape.Therefore, can be applied to organs other than the heart is difficult.For example, by measuring the volume of the blood vessel, based on the state of the blood flow cannot be estimated.
In addition, are not restricted to the cardiac output, the amount of water accumulated at the limbs by edema, pulmonary congestion by amount of moisture accumulated in the lung, bladder volume and the amount of change of urine in the bladder is measured have been proposed various technologies (see Patent Document 3-5).However, these methods for the measurement, the measured person is mounted on any device, of the measured person or the problem that needs to be constrained.In this way, in the prior art, the measured person (living body) of the tissue (the heart, blood vessel, lung, bladder, such as limbs) included in the volume of liquid such as blood or the amount of change (hereinafter, the biological tissue in the volume of liquid and the biological information that the amount of change) in the non-contact and non-constraint cannot be estimated.
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  • SUZUKI, Satoshi