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  • 特願2017-074819 (2017.4.4) JP
発明の概要(英語) In order to more conveniently detect a pupil position and generate an image, the present invention makes it possible to radiate an image beam to a beam spot position corresponding to the pupil position. The present invention is provided with: a pupil position detection device provided with a light source, a light scanning mirror for scanning light from the light source, a measurement mechanism for causing a light beam scanned by the light scanning mirror to scan at least a pupil surface and measuring a temporal variation in reflected light intensity from an eyeball, an extraction mechanism for extracting the reflected light intensity from the pupil from the temporal variation in the reflected light intensity measured, and a mechanism for detecting the size and position of the pupil by synchronizing the extracted reflected light intensity from the pupil and a scanning time for scanning a surface of the eyeball; and an image generating mechanism for projecting while scanning an image generating light beam on the pupil at the detected position and generating an image on the retina of the eyeball.
従来技術、競合技術の概要(英語) BACKGROUND ART
Conventional, the projection of the laser beam or the like as light beam scanning apparatus, various forms of light beam projection apparatus has been known.In particular, the optical waveguide type semiconductor laser in combination with multiplexer 3 light beam projection apparatus of the three primary colors, the size of the apparatus, and the advantage of low power consumption, the laser beam scanning type which is applied to color image projection apparatus (for example, Patent Document 1, Patent Document 2 and Patent Reference 3 reference).
At this time, when scanning a laser beam, the position of the pupil becomes a problem, a pupil tracking method has been proposed (for example, see Patent Document 4).In this proposal, in order to reduce the size of the image projection apparatus, light emitted from the light source 1 for the first eye image projected on the surface area projected on the retina of a user, the inspection light emitted from the light source 1 away from the eye of the user of the first surface region 2 and the second projection surface area, the inspection light reflected by the eye of the user and detecting the reflected light, based on the reflected light detected by the, at least one of the source and an optical system has been proposed to control.
In addition, in the configuration of Patent Document 4, deterioration of image quality and in order to suppress the size of the apparatus, the vibration in the main scanning direction based on the deflection angle of the mirror 1 and the second image for the start of the light exit, the detection light beam for a subsequent image at a predetermined constant timing is emitted from the light source has been proposed (for example, see Patent Document 5).
That is, the deflection angle of mirror 1 in the main scanning direction of the first reference, the first range image of the scanned image of the beam extraction start timing is determined for the ray.The second deflection angle of a mirror 1 at a timing determined based on the image output is started after the completion of the emitted light rays, in the return of the mirror 1 back and forth vibration of the first image in the image and the forward light beam emitted from the light beam for repeatedly.These light beams are emitted for the first iteration of the image, based on the deflection angle of the mirror 1 the first emitted light beam for image is started based on the elapsed time from the start of output of the performed.
On the other hand, even in a normal mental activities, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and the like, it is not possible to freely move the muscles of the whole people, eye movement is normal for many people who can be, such that people and to facilitate communication of the assisted system for use in a physically handicapped person can be detected by the line of sight gazing detection at the research has been carried out.
In addition, the driver driving the awareness of the monitoring and attention to, the face image of the driver has been proposed.
Such, the conventional pupil position can be detected, generally an infrared LED light at the face of the user, the infrared camera can be captured in a copy of the user's eye, the position of the infrared reflected light on a cornea (the corneal reflection) as a reference point, relative to the position of the corneal reflection of the pupil based on the position of, it is possible to detect the line of sight is being performed.
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  • KATSUYAMA, Toshio
  • YAMADA, Shoji