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Posted date Jan 23, 2019
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International application number 2018JP012352
International publication number WO 2018190117
Date of international filing Mar 27, 2018
Date of international publication Oct 18, 2018
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  • P2017-077372 (Apr 10, 2017) JP
Title POWER SUPPLY CONTROL DEVICE commons meetings
Abstract Provided is a power supply control device making the vicinity of the peak of a voltage value as flat as possible and using an ultra-small switching circuit that makes contact and contactless power feeding possible. The power supply control device is provided with: a rectifier diode 3 for converting an AC power to a DC power; an inverter circuit 4 operating at high frequency with the DC power; a primary side transformer 5 connected to the inverter circuit 4; a secondary side high-frequency transformer 6 magnetically coupled with the primary side transformer 5; and a rectifier 8 for converting the AC power converted to voltage by the secondary side high-frequency transformer 6 to a DC power. The inverter circuit 4 has a plurality of switching elements which are connected in series to divide an input voltage. Each of the switching elements has a harmonic resonant circuit and has a control means for controlling a voltage peak value of each of the switching elements.
Outline of related art and contending technology BACKGROUND ART
In recent years with the miniaturization of the information processing terminals such as, the size of the AC adapter supplies a direct current power is desired, the size of the AC adapter may fail in a relatively large in most cases.In addition, the power supply cable for a connector and the like is indispensable, they are mechanically fragile, there is a problem such as degradation from the earlier, non-contact power supply technique has been developed.However, in the non-contact power supply since the frequency is, the resonance type high frequency switching power supply it is necessary to use, the device having a high breakdown voltage transistor needs to be used.
Of a high frequency switching as a technique to realize high efficiency, as shown in Fig. 14 the class E inverter has been known. (A) Fig. 14 is a circuit diagram of a class E inverter, (B) is a voltage waveform shown in Fig. 14.Class E inverter, the switching of the soft switching by the voltage and current applied to the transistor at the moment can be eliminated, reduced switching loss, high efficiency is realized.However, as shown in Fig. 14 (B), in this circuit the peak value of the voltage is increased, a transistor having a high withstand voltage needs to be used.
Therefore, a harmonic component by injecting a current switch, a technology of lowering the peak value of the voltage has been disclosed (see Fig. 15). (A) the circuit shown in Fig. 15, known as class Φ (VHF converter) and the inverter, the switching frequency of the VHF band operates in the (30MHz-300MHz).This circuit is, as shown in Fig. 15 (B), a voltage waveform and recessed to reduce the peak voltage, a low withstanding voltage transistor is used and it is possible, the switching circuit is used to realize downsizing of the AC adapter according to the present invention.However, the technique shown in Fig. 15, are used for resonance, it is difficult to adjust the peak voltage, peak value of the optimization in the case of difficulty.In addition, the peak is displaced even a little, a high voltage value and an unstable state, due to the large load is applied to the element.
A switching circuit operating at high frequencies as described above on the basis of the technique, the technique shown in Non-Patent Document 1 is disclosed by the inventors.Non-Patent Document 1 is a technique in which, a plurality of switches can be serially connected and dividing the voltage, the voltage applied to the 1 per one transistor can be decreased, a very low breakdown voltage transistors are used as the switching circuit to be realized in the art, using Fig. 15 the switching circuit to the AC adapter is miniaturized further than is possible according to the present invention.
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