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整理番号 S2017-0873-C0
掲載日 2019年5月7日
出願国 世界知的所有権機関(WIPO)
国際出願番号 2018JP025024
国際公開番号 WO 2019013023
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国際公開日 平成31年1月17日(2019.1.17)
  • 特願2017-135654 (2017.7.11) JP
発明の概要(英語) This information transmission system is provided with: an information transmission device which transmits, using a planar light source, planar-shaped visible light signals having a basic frequency, and frequencies that are multiple of said basic frequency, of a waveform of a frame frequency of a rolling shutter-type motion-picture camera of an information reception device, and having been modulated in accordance with modulated signals modulated using mutually different carrier waves of respective orders; and an information reception device which receives visible light signals using a motion-picture camera. The information transmission device is provided with a modulation means which generates a modulated signal by performing an inverse Fourier transform on the carrier wave of each order that has been quadrature-amplitude-modulated in accordance with an inputted digital data signal. The modulation means generates a modulated signal by quadrature-amplitude-modulating the carrier wave of each order, in accordance with the digital data signal, so that respective intensity signals obtained in a plurality of sections resulting from dividing a frame output signal at equal intervals becomes equal to a prescribed setting value.
従来技術、競合技術の概要(英語) BACKGROUND ART
Extraovarian visible light communication is attempted, is actively under research and development that is, a tablet terminal or a smart phone is popular in that after the year 2010.
Is attached to a product initiative Japan is, in the Casio Picapicamera (for example, see Patent Document 1 and 2). And the microcomputer board of the light source is embedded, is received together with a smart phone application software. The light source of the camera is not always synchronized with the video frame. Transmission rate is about 10bps or less.
On the other hand, the inventors have found that by using the light emission of the point light source, the higher speed as compared to the visible light communication of the 'visible light communication using the time synchronization method' disclosed in Non-Patent Document 1 for respectively.
Incidentally, by Panasonic Corporation are widely used in a smart phone the rolling shutter operation of the CMOS video camera using the characteristics of the visible light communication techniques attempt to (for example, see Patent Document 3). In the case of this patent, the light source of visible light using a point light source but a surface light source, in combination with the rolling shutter operation of the camera where there is a spot color. In addition, a high-speed light source for receiving a brightness change, the degree of opening of the camera's electronic shutter (1/60 second in the video frames, substantially after how much seconds, the light receiving elements of the same operation of, the ratio of the period) following a few percent, is set extremely short, so that the light emission of the strobe is performed, a rolling shutter scanning line 2 of the bright line, seeking to distinguish a dark line of the spot color. The effect of a few kbps of the commercially available camera can be transmitted and the advocate.
In addition, non-patent document 2 disclosed in the 'visible light communication method' in the same manner, the shutter opening of the light source emitting a short time and to shorten the moving camera taking the number of kbps communication speed is obtained, the black and white pattern in the modulation method, the invention disclosed in Patent Document 3 is used in different electrical characteristics.
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  • ※2012年7月以前掲載分については米国以外のすべての指定国
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  • HASHIZUME, Hiromichi
  • SUGIMOTO, Masanori
  • AKIYAMA, Takayuki
  • KUMAKI, Hayato
  • SHIMADA, Shota
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