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  • 特願2017-166256 (2017.8.30) JP
発明の概要(英語) The present invention provides a holographic imaging device that can be produced as either a transmissive type or a reflection type and capable of achieving a wide field of view at a long operation distance or at ultra-high resolution, and a data processing method therefor. Object light Oj is recorded into a plurality of object light holograms IjOR for each incident direction using off-axis spherical-wave reference light R, the object light Oj being generated from an object that is sequentially illuminated with parallel illumination light Qj with varied incident directions θj. The reference light R is recorded into a reference light hologram ILR using inline spherical-wave reference light L that is in line with the object light Oj. An object light wave hologram hj (x, y) and the spatial frequency spectrum Hj (u, v) thereof are produced at the object position for each incident direction using each hologram ILR, IjOR. Each spectrum Hj (u, v) is caused to match in an overlapping area to produce a synthetic spectrum HT (u, v) that occupies a wider frequency space, thereby creating a synthetic object light wave hologram hT (x, y) with increased numerical apertures.
従来技術、競合技術の概要(英語) BACKGROUND ART
Conventionally, such as reflected light or transmitted light to techniques for analyzing light, the intensity of the light and the phase of the data is also referred to as a recording medium such as a photographic plate in the hologram recorded in the holography analysis. Is holographic in recent years, a light receiving element using a semiconductor memory, and the intensity of light acquired as a digital data phase, or a computer generated hologram, the analysis is performed. In this way is the holography, referred to as digital holography.
In the digital holography, the hologram data acquisition and processing of high speed and high accuracy in order to achieve a variety of techniques have been proposed, which imaging applications. For example, the hologram data acquired in one shot the spatial frequency filtering and the spatial heterodyne modulation is applied, the complex amplitude in-line hologram for reproducing the object image at a high speed and accurately generating digital holography has been known (for example, see Patent Document 1).
The conventional optical microscope in order to solve the problems, the holographic imaging lens using a large numerical aperture of the object without using light of a method of acquiring a one-shot, the object and the plane wave light 3 and developed a high-resolution three-dimensional image accurately known a method of reproducing a computer (for example, see Patent Document 2). According to this method, no strain to obtain a high resolution three-dimensional moving image can be reproduced 3 utilizes three-dimensional microscope lens 3 are realized. In such a microscope, because imaging lens is not used, in a conventional optical microscope, the lens and the imaging medium under the influence of the problem can be solved.
In addition, the internal structure of the biological tissue and cells in culture in order to measure a high resolution, a reflection-type wavelength swept laser light is used for the microscope lens-less holographic high-resolution tomographic imaging method is known (for example, see Patent Document 3).
Further, different incident direction of light emitted from an object irradiated with a large numerical aperture of the object light for each direction of the incident light acquired as a plurality of hologram data, by using a plurality of these data are synthesized and a large numerical aperture more than 1 object based on the number of synthetic aperture has been known a method of reproducing light (for example, see Patent Document 4). According to this method, ultra-high resolution having a resolution that exceeds the diffraction limit can be three-dimensional microscope 3.
In addition, the off-axis illumination light path of reference light and to reduce a difference in the optical path for the common noise of the noise is not limited to, a pin hole in the optical path from the spatial filter consisting of the transmission type having an optical system which is disposed a holographic microscope has been known (for example, see Patent Document 5).
In addition, an imaging CCD is moved along the surface of a hologram obtained by combining a plurality of positions in the hologram by increasing the numerical aperture is known to increase a resolution (for example, see Non-Patent Document 1).
In addition, the oblique incidence of the illumination light to the sample is rotated under a large number of holograms in a spatial frequency space to obtain an overlapping portion of the combined connected to each other, the numerical aperture of 25 times by the single hologram and a holographic microscope to obtain the synthetic aperture number 0.93 has been known (for example, see Non-Patent Document 2).
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