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  • 特願2018-036014 (2018.2.28) JP
発明の概要(英語) The present invention provides a microdroplet/bubble generation device obviating the need for individual through holes corresponding to a droplet- or bubble-generating channel. Unlike conventional devices where droplet generation channels have been disposed on a two-dimensional plane, arranging such channels three-dimensionally provides channels that have been disposed at higher density than conventionally possible. The microdroplet/bubble generation device is provided with a slit and a plurality of rows of microchannels, wherein: the slit is a continuous phase-supplying slit, a dispersed phase-supplying slit, or a discharging slit; the plurality of microchannels are disposed so as to interconnect a terminus of the slit and two supply ports at both sides, or a supply port and a discharge port; and at the place of connection of the microchannels and the slit, a dispersed phase is sheared with continuous phase flow acting as a driving force, generating dispersed phase microdroplets or bubbles which are collected from the discharge port.
従来技術、競合技術の概要(英語) BACKGROUND ART
A micro flow path of the micro-droplet using the branch structure, the bubble generation method, a single droplet emulsion excellent in the dispersibility can be generated and the bubbles, chemical, biochemical analysis as well as, have been applied in various fields. However, when applied to the production technique of this method, the required amount of production, for example several tons/year, a single micro channel is difficult to be realized (non-patent document 1 and 2).
Under such a situation, the amount of the droplets and bubbles (scale up) to increase significantly in order to, micro-channel arranged in parallel to a number of attempts have been reported (Non-Patent Document 3 and 4). Using the branch micro flow path of micro-droplets, bubbles are generated, the flow rate of the continuous phase and dispersed phase droplets and the size of air bubbles generated by the changes, the size of the droplets and the formation of bubbles is uniform, a micro flow path arranged in parallel, the dispersed phase and continuous phase and it is necessary to supply uniformly distributed. Of the conventional parallel device, with respect to each product stream, the branch symmetry distribution channel is connected to a (non-patent document 3-5) and, the size of the channels to generate a sufficiently large flow path connected to the ladder-like structure (Non-Patent Document 5-7) by, each generating a uniform flow rate distribution of the flow path has been realized. To this, using a symmetric branching structure and the distribution flow path, the maximum annular parallelized in the case of 512 (Non-Patent Document 8) and, using the ladder-like liquid distribution channel, the maximum drop of the matrix 1000 and flow paths in parallel (non-patent document 9) is cases have been reported. Using the same apparatus even in the case of mass production of bubbles have been reported (Non-Patent Document 10). Further, the droplet generation and the liquid supply passage flow path in a removable device has been proposed (Non-Patent Document 2 and 3).
On the other hand, in the conventional parallel device, a liquid or a gas distribution flow path and each of the droplets or bubbles in order to connect the flow path, each of the droplets or bubbles of the corresponding individual flow path for the through holes, the number of manufacturing steps is a complex device is required.
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  • NISISAKO, Takasi
  • TOTTORI, Naotomo