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Call for patent (application)s to J-STORE

1) J-STORE’s patents, patent applications of interest include:

  • Patents or patent applications filed at to Japan. Applications to foreign patent offices or PCT are not mandatory.
  • Patents or patent applications ready to license.

2) Qualified patent information providers are:

  • limited to Universities, public research institutes and Technology licensing offices (TLO) in Japan.

3) Contract:

  • Patent information providers and JST conclude a contract prior to the first submission of patents.
  • This contract covers every submission of patents provided by a contractor unless cancelled.
  • Patent rights are not necessarily transferred to JST, they may be kept by patent information providers.
  • Contracts and submissions are free of charge.

4) Notes:

  • Patent information providers are responsible to questioners and license applicants.
  • Patent information providers shall report results of technology transfer annually on JST’s request.

How to submit information of patents or patent applications

Please contact us.