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No. Application number
Gazette No
Release Date
Update Date
Information Provider
1 P2003-545269 P4493336 (In Japanese) 免疫賦活化作用を有する合成化合物不応答性モデル非ヒト動物 achieved Jun 17, 2011 Mar 16, 2018 Japan Science and Technology Agency
2 P2002-154851 P4235725 TRANSGENIC FISH CAUSING EXCESSIVE APOPTOSIS Mar 5, 2010 Mar 19, 2018 Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency
3 P2004-298672 P4271120 Y CHROMOSOME LABELED TRANSGENIC NONHUMAN ANIMAL Jun 24, 2005 Mar 8, 2018 Japan Science and Technology Agency
4 P2004-196818 P4803976 MOLECULAR SENSOR FOR MEASURING INTRACELLULAR IP3 meetings May 20, 2005 Mar 8, 2018 Japan Science and Technology Agency
5 P2003-185409 P4217782 MOUSE EXHIBITING CHARACTERISTIC OF ROTHMUND-THOMSON SYNDROME AND METHOD FOR PREPARING THE SAME Apr 8, 2005 Mar 15, 2018 National institute of Radiological Sciences

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