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No. Application number
Gazette No
Release Date
Update Date
Information Provider
1 P2017-136189 P2019-018609A VEHICULAR EMERGENCY BRAKE PREDICTOR AND PREDICTION METHOD Oct 31, 2019 Jan 16, 2020 Doshisha University
2 P2006-223716 P5119433 LANE FOLLOWING CONTROLLER AND VEHICLE WITH THE CONTROLLER MOUNTED THEREON meetings Jun 13, 2008 Feb 15, 2018 Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
3 P2003-432109 P4209318 QUANTITATIVE EVALUATION METHOD OF WHEEL DAMAGE IN SLIP PREVENTION CONTROL OF ROLLING STOCK Nov 9, 2007 Mar 15, 2018 Railway Technical Research Institute
4 P2004-105617 P4843198 ANTILOCK BRAKE SYSTEM FOR RAILROAD VEHICLE, AND BRAKING CONTROL METHOD FOR RAILROAD VEHICLE Nov 2, 2007 Mar 9, 2018 Railway Technical Research Institute

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