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No. Application number
Gazette No
Release Date
Update Date
Information Provider
1 P2016-529342 P6446046 (In Japanese) 超伝導高周波加速空洞の純ニオブ製エンドグループ部品の製造方法 May 10, 2017 May 26, 2020 High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
2 P2004-309822 P4362589 COMPRESSION TOOL FOR MULTI-AXIS FORGING Aug 18, 2011 Mar 13, 2018 The University of Electro-Communications
3 P2006-118342 P4797170 METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR PRODUCING METAL MATERIAL Aug 18, 2011 Feb 20, 2018 The University of Electro-Communications
4 P2008-292072 P5540306 METHOD FOR MANUFACTURING MAGNESIUM ALLOY MATERIAL meetings Jun 4, 2010 Feb 5, 2018 The University of Electro-Communications
5 P2007-061378 P5023334 GEAR FORMING DIE AND EXTRUSION FORMING APPARATUS WITH THE GEAR FORMING DIE meetings May 25, 2007 Feb 9, 2018 Shizuoka University

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