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No. Application number
Gazette No
Release Date
Update Date
Information Provider
1 P2018-189391 P2020-054983A LIQUID DROPLET GENERATING METHOD AND LIQUID DROPLET GENERATING DEVICE Jul 28, 2020 Aug 25, 2020 Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
2 P2017-518013 P6482658 (In Japanese) 液体ジェット射出装置及び液体ジェット射出方法 May 24, 2018 Apr 23, 2019 Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
3 P2006-304655 P4945753 INKJET LIQUID DROPLET NOZZLE Nov 13, 2009 Feb 20, 2018 Kyushu Institute of Technology
4 P2001-225404 P3677539 METHOD FOR PREPARING HIGH-POLYMER PATTERN BASED ON DROPLET CONTROL USING CAPILLARY TUBE Nov 29, 2004 Mar 19, 2018 National Agriculture and Food Research Organization

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