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No. Application number
Gazette No
Release Date
Update Date
Information Provider
101 P2006-143051 P4815595 MULTI-HOLOGRAM TRANSFER DEVICE AND MULTI-HOLOGRAM TRANSFER METHOD Dec 28, 2007 Feb 22, 2018 Hokkaido University
102 P2005-323846 P4328862 PATTERN FORMING ELEMENT AND PATTERN FORMING METHOD commons Jun 8, 2007 Mar 5, 2018 Nagoya University
103 P2005-227209 P4660761 PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD AND METHOD FOR PRODUCING THE SAME meetings Feb 2, 2007 Feb 27, 2018 Iwate University
104 P2006-079162 P4759741 FLUORESCENT MATERIAL AND X-RAY SENSITIZED SUBSTRATE Jan 9, 2007 Feb 21, 2018 The University of Tokushima
105 P2005-022607 P4975256 STEREOGRAPHIC INDICATOR commons Sep 8, 2006 Feb 27, 2018 Waseda University
106 P2005-036989 P4631048 IMAGE PICKUP DEVICE AND METHOD FOR CORRECTING IMAGING SYSTEM PARAMETER meetings Sep 1, 2006 Feb 27, 2018 Iwate University
107 P2004-095149 P4716210 THREE-DIMENSIONAL IMAGE DATA ACQUIRING METHOD AND IMAGING SYSTEM FOR THREE-DIMENSIONAL IMAGE commons Nov 11, 2005 Mar 8, 2018 Japan Science and Technology Agency
108 P2004-093829 P4294526 DIGITAL HOLOGRAPHY DEVICE AND IMAGE REPRODUCING METHOD USING DIGITAL HOLOGRAPHY commons meetings Nov 11, 2005 Mar 8, 2018 Japan Science and Technology Agency
109 P2002-036010 P4124417 METHOD OF MANUFACTURING HOLOGRAM BY PICOSECOND LASER commons Oct 1, 2003 Mar 16, 2018 Japan Science and Technology Agency

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