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No. Application number
Gazette No
Release Date
Update Date
Information Provider
7401 P2001-015251 P3482464 MASS MEASURING INSTRUMENT Aug 28, 2003 Apr 6, 2012 Saitama University
7402 P2001-012644 P3584281 FREQUENCY MULTIPLICATION METHOD AND FREQUENCY MULTIPLIER Aug 28, 2003 Mar 20, 2018 Hokkaido University
7403 P2000-352681 P3520329 MICRO OPTICAL SHAPING METHOD meetings Aug 28, 2003 Apr 6, 2012 Wakayama University
7404 P2000-307149 P3520328 THEOBROMINE SYNTHASE POLYPEPTIDE OF PLANT OF GENUS COFFEA AND GENE ENCODING THE SAME POLYPEPTIDE Aug 28, 2003 Jul 8, 2013 Nara Institute Science and Technology
7405 P2000-297832 P3521223 METHOD TO CONTROL STRUCTURE OF OXIDE FILM AND APPARATUS USED FOR THE METHOD meetings Aug 28, 2003 Apr 6, 2012 Nagaoka University of Technology
7406 P2000-279457 P3554816 REAL TIME SHAPE DEFORMATION MEASURING METHOD BY COLOR RECTANGULAR WAVE GRID PROJECTION meetings Aug 28, 2003 Apr 6, 2012 Wakayama University
7407 P2000-271817 P3465044 AXLE MOVING TYPE BICYCLE ERGOMETER Aug 28, 2003 Apr 6, 2012 CASTI TODAI TLO
7408 P2001-172377 P4081537 Co BASED ALLOY FOR LIVING BODY AND PRODUCTION METHOD THEREFOR meetings May 27, 2003 Mar 20, 2018 Iwate University

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