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Handling of Personal Information in J-STORE

In the JST Science Technology Research Result Development Database for Enterprise Development (J-STORE) provided by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), the information for use in service for the general public is collected, in the scope required for the smooth operation of various search services (including questionnaire and inquiry) to be provided. Collected information is properly handled in the scope for the undermentioned utilization purposes.

Scope of information to be collected

J-STORE collects information such as the Internet domain name, host name, IP address, search query information, and others, in the form of access log. When inquiry is made using the inquiry form, full name, inputted mail address, telephone number, and FAX number are displayed on the recipient (each institute displaying the inquiry site and JST).

Purpose of utilization

Collected information is utilized as references for planning of the improvement and strengthening of the service of J-STORE. The inquiry on the posted information may be transferred to JST’s relevant departments and information providers, depending on the necessity. In addition, for the purpose of contacting from JST, mail address, and telephone & FAX number may be utilized.

Restriction on utilization and providing

Unless when disclosure request based on the law has been made, when an information provider has agreed, or other specific necessity has been generated, collected information is not utilized for other purposes or not provided to the third party. However, the information that has been statistically processed so as to be unable to specify a person or institute may be published.

Measures for safety ensuring

As for J-STORE, measures necessary for the prevention of the leakage, loss, or destruction of collected information, or appropriate control of collected information are taken. Meanwhile, access log analysis may sometimes be entrusted to other parties for the analysis of collected information. In such cases also, measures necessary for the appropriate control of collected information are taken.


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