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(In Japanese)脳活動に伴う二次信号の8波長同時計測システムの開発

Research report code R013000504
Posted date Oct 1, 2003
  • (In Japanese)小泉 英明
  • (In Japanese)(株)日立製作所中央研究所
Research organization
  • (In Japanese)(株)日立製作所中央研究所
Report name (In Japanese)脳活動に伴う二次信号の8波長同時計測システムの開発
Technology summary (In Japanese)脳活動に伴う二次信号の発生機序を解明する上で十分な計測精度を得るため,従来2波長で行っていたヘモグロビン濃度変化の計測の波長数を増加させる事で高精度化を図った。
Research field
  • Measuring instruments in general
  • Research methods in biological sciences in general
  • Central nervous system
  • Biometry
Published papers related (In Japanese)(1)A. Maki, Y. Yamashita, Y. Ito, E. Watanabe, Y. Mayanagi, and H. Koizumi, “Spatial and Temporal analysis of human motor activity using noninvasive NIR topography, “Med. Phys., 22, 1997-2005 (1995)
(2)Y. Yamashita, A. Maki, Y. Ito, E. Watanabe, Y. Mayanagi, and H. Koizumi, “Noninvasive near-infrared topography of human brain activity using, intensity modulation spectroscopy,” Opt, Eng., 35, 1046-1049 (1996)
(3)E. Watanabe, Y. Yamashita, A. Maki, Y. Ito, and H. Koizumi, “Non-invasive functional mapping with multi-channel near infra-red spectroscopic tomography in humans,” Neurosci. Lett., 205, 41-44 (1996)
Research project
  • ;Measurement of secondary signal associated to cerebral activities and the mechanism of its generation. (Akita Prefecture)
Information research report
  • (In Japanese)小泉 英明. 脳活動に伴う二次信号の高精度計測技術の開発研究. 共同研究等促進事業 秋田地区「脳活動に伴う二次信号の計測とその発生機序に関する研究」共同研究終了報告書,2000. p.604 - 613.