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研究報告コード R070000051
整理番号 R070000051
掲載日 2008年4月11日
  • Harold.Hwang
  • Department of Advanced Materials Science, University of Tokyov
  • Department of Advanced Materials Science, University of Tokyo
報告名称 量子閉じ込めモット絶緑体における強相関系の光学構築
報告概要 A diverse range of physical properties can be found in perovskite oxides closely latticed-matched to one another. Our general research interest is to develop these materials as a new heteroepitaxial family with new physical phenomena and devices, focusing on atomic scale control and design. When we consider basic artificial structures used in semiconductor devices, such as heterojunctions and quantum wells, we find two important issues arise when incorporating perovskites: 1) The atomic composition of the interface. For abrupt perovskite interfaces in the (001) orientation, there are two different interface terminations which can be grown with often vastly different electronic properties. 2) Incorporating strongly correlated electrons. A key feature for poorly screened electrons is that the electronic structure evolves with electron density, quite different from filling electrons into a rigid single particle band. The aim this project is to develop the materials ingredients and optical probes for using band bending and quantum confinement with correlated electrons in perovskite oxide heterostructures.

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  • 戦略的創造研究推進事業 さきがけタイプ(旧若手個人研究推進事業を含む)/ナノと物性,光と制御
  • Harold.Hwang. 量子閉じ込めモット絶緑体における強相関系の光学構築. 個人型研究(さきがけタイプ)ナノテクノロジー分野2領域合同研究報告会 講演要旨集 「ナノと物性」「光と制御」領域(研究期間2003-2006), 2006. p.12 - 13.