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(In Japanese)フォトニック結晶工学の深化と新展開

Research report code R070000053
File No. R070000053
Posted date Apr 11, 2008
  • (In Japanese)野田 進
  • (In Japanese)京都大学工学研究科
Research organization
  • (In Japanese)京都大学工学研究科
Report name (In Japanese)フォトニック結晶工学の深化と新展開
Technology summary (In Japanese)Photonic crystals, in which the refractive index changes periodically, provide an exciting new tool for the manipulation of photons and have received a keen interest from a variety of fields. In this presentation, I will review the recent progress of photonic-crystal science and engineering.
Research field
  • Techniques and equipment of crystal growth
  • Luminescence in general
Published papers related (In Japanese)(1) S. Noda, Science, 314 (2006) 260.
(2) S. Noda, et al. Science, 289 (2000) 608.
(3) S. Ogawa, et al. Science, 305 (2004) 227.
(4) S. Noda, et al, Science, 293 (2001) 1123.
Research project
  • Precursory Research for Embryonic Science and Technology.;Nanostructure and Material Ptoperty, Light and Control
Information research report
  • (In Japanese)野田 進. フォトニック結晶工学の深化と新展開. 個人型研究(さきがけタイプ)ナノテクノロジー分野2領域合同研究報告会 講演要旨集 「ナノと物性」「光と制御」領域(研究期間2003-2006), 2006. p.34 - 35.