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研究報告コード R070000259
整理番号 R070000259
掲載日 2008年4月11日
  • Wilfred G.van der Wiel
  • Wilfred G.van der Wiel
  • Tokyo University
  • University of Twente
  • Tokyo University
  • University of Twente
報告名称 半導体人工原子・分子における高周波電子スピン操作
報告概要 The aim of the project is high-frequency(GHz) electron-spin manipulation in semiconductor few-electron quantum dots. The main motivation of this proposal is formed by the possible application of electron spins as basic building blocks for quantum logic. One concrete aim is to rotate a single-electron spin in a few-electron quantum by means of a locally generated electron spin resonance (ESR) field. A key experiment that still needs to be done is the determination of the single-electron spin decoherence time T2 in a semiconductor environment. The next logical step after studying single dots is to look at double dot systems. The entaglement of two electron spins using tunnel-coupled quantum dots is of great importance for the realization of the XOR (or controlled-NOT) gate operation.

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  • 電子スピン共鳴一般
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  • 戦略的創造研究推進事業 さきがけタイプ(旧若手個人研究推進事業を含む)/秩序と物性,ナノと物性,光と制御
  • Wilfred G.van der Wiel. 半導体人工原子・分子における高周波電子スピン操作. ナノテクノロジー分野3領域合同研究報告会 講演要旨集 「秩序と物性」「ナノと物性」「光と制御」領域 (研究期間:2002-2005), 2006 . p.18 - 19.