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(In Japanese)ゲノム情報維持の分子メカニズム

Research report code R000000245
Posted date Sep 30, 2002
  • (In Japanese)花岡 文雄
  • (In Japanese)理化学研究所
Research organization
  • (In Japanese)理化学研究所
Report name (In Japanese)ゲノム情報維持の分子メカニズム
Technology summary (In Japanese)遺伝子修復機構を解明し,ゲノム情報を安定に保持するための分子機構を明らかにすることを目標に,以下の研究を行った。
Research field
  • Molecular genetics in general
  • Gene expression
Published papers related (In Japanese)(1)Mizuno, T., Yamagishi, K., Miyazawa, H., and Hanaoka, F.: Molecular architecture of the mouse DNA polymerase α-primase complex. Mol. Cell. Biol., 19, 7886-7896, 1999.
(2)Araki, M., Masutani, C., Maekawa, T., Watanabe, Y., Yamada, A., Kusumoto, R., Sakai, D., Sugasawa, K., Ohkuma, Y., and Hanaoka, F.: Reconstitution of damage DNA excision reaction from SV40 minichromosomes with purified nucleotide excision repair proteins. Mutat. Res. 459: 147-160, 2000.
(3)Okuda, M., Watanabe, Y., Okamura, H., Hanaoka, F., Ohkuma, Y., and Nishimura, Y.: Structure of the central core domain of TFIIEβ with a novel double-stranded DNA-binding surface. EMBO J. 19: 1346-1356, 2000.
(4)Yokoi, M., Masutani, C., Maekawa, T., Sugasawa, K., Ohkuma, Y., and Hanaoka, F.: The xeroderma pigmentosum group C protein complex XPC-HR23B plays an important role in the recruitment of transcription factor IIH to damaged DNA. J. Biol. Chem. 275: 9870-9875, 2000.
Research project
  • Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology;Structure and Function of Genomes
Information research report
  • (In Japanese)花岡 文雄. ゲノム構造と機能 ゲノム情報維持の分子メカニズム. 戦略的基礎研究推進事業 平成11年度 研究年報.科学技術振興事業団, 2000. p.764 - 767.